The Awakening of Heroes™
A Personal Development Online Course using Gamification to build subject matter experts


The Awakening of Heroes - Gamification

Are you ready to be a game character or hero?

Unlock Your Well-Hidden Identity, Power and Resources That You Already Have
In The Awakening of Heroes™, you will discover what type of hero you are. What’s your game character? What’s your superpower? What’s your passion and potential? What’s your strategies to reach your goals and win the Game of Life? Now, it’s time to change your environment, and, build friendship with other heroes who matters of your success.

You will learn how to use Character MetaProfiling™ Tool to have a better clarity of yourself and your path to reach your goal. It has incorporated with Gamification concept to motivate you towards your goal.

The Awakening of Heroes™ is a personal development online course that we build subject matter experts. Together, the experts will guide the new gamers to become experts, and, growing this Game of Life community.

Staff profiling for companies and organisations
We also customized The Awakening of Heroes™ for corporate staff profiling to uncover full potential of their staff and increase performance in their jobs. Contact us to have your staff profiling done at your company or oganizsation.

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Game of Life: The Awakening of Heroes by Anm Pek