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Recollect™ is a collaborative card game that accelerates learning by avant-garde idea generation and recording techniques, Mind Doodling™ and Game Mapping™ with a group of players. This learning card game focuses on enhancing student’s problem-solving, imagination, observation and communication abilities.

Other than playing it by itself. Recollect™ can be used as a gamification game: the tool to play the Alternate Reality Game, Game of Life: The Awakening of Heroes™. In the Alternate Reality Game, Recollect™ cards are used to record secret codes that gamers obtained during their journey. They are used to derive strategies by mind doodling™ and game mapping™ to level up themselves to get ahead in the Game of Life and also to solve real-world problems.

  • Socratic Questioning is the core mechanics of Recollect™ gameplay. In addition, Recollect™ cards are catergorized into 5 Ws: Why, What, Where, Who, When, and, 1 H: How, to initiate one to ask question.
  • It is designed to fit any purposes and contexts that require group idea generation. Recollect™ develops one's creative problem-solving skill and sharpen all 5 senses to maximize learning ability.
  • Recollect™ incorporated two memory techniques - Story Room™ and Story Journey™. They are originated from Roman mnemonic technique - ‘Roman room’ - a variation on the ‘method of loci’ memory technique.
  • Recollect™ can be used for team bonding whereby students or staffs can team up to play and at the same time generate ideas together for a project.

Both Flashback™ and Recollect™ are designed to develop one's associative learning and thinking skill, and, practice “Whole-Brain” Thinking. They are created as physical card games to train patience, listening and motor skills, as well as, concentration and social interaction skill.

We have developed a one-day course for using Recollect™ which is approved for Skills Future Credit Claims. The course title is Gamify and Conquer: Using Card Games to Teach and Level Up Students' Creativity, Critical Thinking and Concentration. In this course, educators and trainers will learn how they can easily boost their learners' creativity and guide them to Game Map™ unique ideas for projects, products and marketing.

For Companies/Organisations: download infobrochure (for Companies/Organisations) of Flashback™ and Recollect™.

For Schools: download infobrochure (for Schools) of Flashback™ and Recollect™.

Recollect - Learning Card Game

Recollect - Learning Card Game

Recollect™ (1 Deck for 2 Players)
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contents: 95 game cards (1 doodled card; special cards: 4 recollect, 8 link, 8 fill, 8 senses, 6 opportunity/challenge; question cards: 10 why, 10 what, 10 how, 10 who, 10 where, 10 when), 2 guide to play cards, 2 a-card-space-guide cards, 1 game guide, 1 story room game mapping™, 1 story journey game mapping™

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