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QuestLife - BYOD Solution
We are living in an age of mobile technology and our learners are getting increasingly tech-savvy. In recent years, our learning space and infrastructure is accelerating towards the implementation of Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD). BYOD is an approach in which students and educators bring their smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices into the learning environment.

QuestLife is a BYOD solution to provide the best learner-centric teaching solution to educators and trainers.

QuestLife - byod blended learning and mobile learning

Easily Switch your Mobile to BYOD for Teaching

QuestLife - byod ready and gamification technology
BYOD READY and Gamification technology
With QuestLife mobile app, educators and trainers can transform their mobile phones into seamless BYOD for teaching with state-of-art gamification technology which further enhance learners' engagement and promote desired learning behaviours.

QuestLife is a free mobile learning and blended learning app with built-in gamification technology for all educators and trainers as well as students and learners.

Our mission is to make state-of-the-art technology available to all educators and trainers so that they focus on making learning fun and fulfilling. This is our humble contribution that we can provide for the educational and training industries.

By using QuestLife, educators and trainers can easily implement blended learning and gamification into their classrooms. Students and learners can use their mobile phones to learn and revise at their own pace.

Switch it when you need it.

Create a game for your class in 3 minutes
We have simplified the gamification process so educators and trainers can create a game, preview it instantly and publish it from the QuestLife mobile app and reach the learners in 3 minutes.

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