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Flashback - Fun Card Game
Flashback™ is more than a memory card game that unleashes one's imagination, association and verbal communication skill. It promotes capturing of positive memories, fun experiences and amazing stories that we have gained in our life journey, and share them to touch, inspire, motivate and educate others.

Flashback™ is a highly personalized and customized card game that can be played for different contexts and purposes.

  • In school - It can be played for revision purpose where topics taught in class can be recalled and reinforced. It can be used as a teaching materials for lecturers/teachers to engage students with some simple and easy games. It can be used as learning tool for students to learn together in fun ways. Flashback™ can also be used as a storytelling and storyboarding tool for filming and animation. It can also be played for leisure purpose where each and every fun memorable moments of school days can be brought back when playing Flashback™ with classmates or/and lecturers/teachers.
  • In company - It can be used for company training materials. It can be used as learning tool for staffs to learn together in fun ways. It can be used in meeting, or, as reminder cards. It can also be used for crafting corporate stories. It can be played during break time to recall fun moments working together with colleagues.

Both Flashback™ and Recollect™ are designed to develop one's associative learning and thinking skill, and, practice “Whole-Brain” Thinking. They are created as physical card games to train patience, listening and motor skills, as well as, concentration and social interaction skill.

For Companies/Organisations: download infobrochure (for Companies/Organisations) of Flashback™ and Recollect™.

For Schools, download infobrochure (for Schools) of Flashback™ and Recollect™.

Flashback - Fun Card Game

Flashback™ (1 Deck for 2 Players)
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contents: 76 game cards (10 human, 10 experience, 10 item, 10 place, 10 animal, 10 occurence, 4 flashback, 8 bounce, 4 blank out), 1 drawn card, 2 guide to play cards, 1 game rules, 1 game play examples

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