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Anm Pek

Anm Pek - Gamification Creator and Author
Anm is the Founder of Gamification Solutions Asia and QuestLife, devoted to a mission to make learning fun and provide gamification solutions to solve real-life problems and create results in learning and personal development.

Her vision is to level up people's life

Her passion is to gamify Your Learning & Education Journey

Anm has been in the game design field since year 2003 and started lecturing in areas of game and digital media design back in year 2007. She started her journey of gamification, alternate reality game and serious game in year 2014 while pursuing her Master degree in Master of Science in Digital Media Technology, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Since then, she has been researching and experimenting in these areas. She innovated her own approach and framework of gamification and alternate reality game. Anm has developed gamification tools, gamification platform - Level Up You, gamification app, QuestLife, as well as, a series of online gamification and live courses.

To enhance her students' learning and engagement in class, Anm created Flashback™ and Recollect™ - the collaborative learning card games that develop creativity and critical thinking skills.

Anm is a best selling Author. She has written two books, titled, Success Today, co-authored with Brian Tracy and other international entrepreneurs and professionals, which hits 2 Amazon best-seller lists, and, The Secret Code: Is It for Real? with forewords by Asia’s Top Success Coach, Adam Khoo and Social Entreprenuer, Elim Chew. She speaks on gamification and her books for small groups, companies, schools to big stages with over 1000 audiences in US, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

Anm begins her career as an Educator since year 2007. Today, she trains curriculum developers, learning designers, educators, and, trainers on integrating gamification, card games and alternate reality game into their teaching and training. She also trains individuals and students to use gamification to gamify their work and learning respectively to motivate themselves and achieve their goals. Currently, she also holds a position of Associate Lecturer at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, and, Republic Polytechnic, Singapore. Anm received numerous distinctions and merit awards throughout her studies. In July 2014, she graduated with a Master of Science in Digital Media Technology from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

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