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About Gamification Solutions

Gamification Solutions Asia
provides blended learning and personal development solutions using gamification and card games for individuals, schools and companies. We specialize gamification in education & learning, training and personal development.

Our vision is to level up people's life. Our mission is to maximize enjoyment and engagement through capturing the interest of learners and inspiring them to continue learning.

Gamification Solutions Asia is based in Singapore and provide gamification solutions to Asia and other parts of the world. Our customers are mainly from Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore.

We have a complete unique and improvised gamification framework and techniques to guide individuals to achieve their personal, studies or career goals faster and easier than they ever imagined. We believe in constant innovation, bringing our customers the best gamification platform. We train Trainers, Teachers, Tutors, Lecturers and Educators to adopt gamification into their training and teaching to make learning immersive, fun and exciting.

We also provide gamification customization and consultation to International and Singapore schools and companies to meet their organisational and corporate short-term objectives and long-term goals, increase students/staff performance and enhance customers’ satisfaction, loyalty and retaining them.

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About Gamification Solutions

our 4 specialities

Blended Learning and Gamification Solutions for Learners, Educators, Schools, Organizations, Companies

1. Create immersive teaching content and learning experience with Your Own Device (mobile) first strategy
2. Play as you learn has replaced the old ways of play to learn and game-based learning model
3. Embrace values of collaborative and collective online and blended learning
4. Design pervasive user centric solutions. Putting user's objective ahead of game objective as our first priority

Gamification in Education and Training

We provide customized Gamification solutions and personalized coaching 1-to-1 on gamification applications for your training and teaching with our gamification tools
What is gamification? How gamification boosts your learner's or staff performance? Require a gamification expert to help you quickly kick-start your gamification project? Meet up with us for a free consultation.

Gamification is made easy and effective to meet organisational and corporate short-term objectives and long-term goals, increase students/staff performance, enhance customers’ satisfaction, loyalty or retaining them through personalized analysis and guidance.

You will pick up and master gamification 10x faster through our 1-to-1 personalized coaching.

Customized Gamification

Gamification Book


The Secret Code: Is It For Real?

Gamification Book
Finally, a personal development book using gamification for learning and winning your life! There is a secret code for having everything you've ever wanted - a code that only a selected few know about and use.

Believing in this secret code will lead you to many other secret codes. The first secret code is that you HAVE an enormous and amazing power within youself that can bring about miraculous outcomes. The second secret code is that you have an unlimited supply of mighty resources! Yes, you ALREADY HAVE the resources to achieve your goals and win the Game of Life. The third secret code is that you can easily access and effortlessly tap into these powers and resources, and have fun during the process!

For the first time, 32 secret codes are unveiled to help you achieve more than you think you can and call out your best-kept hidden power. How you can use art and game insider secrets and principles that only artists, gamers and game designers know to unleash your greatest capabilities and unimagined potential in your real life!

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Learning Gamification

Anm Speaks on Gamification
Learn how to Energize and Engage Your Students, or, Your Staff and Customers through applications of blended learning with gamification and games for competitive advantage
Gamification Solutions develops our very own online gamification courses and live short courses specially designed for curriculum developers, learning designers, educators, trainers, instructors and tutors.

We also provide customized trainings and talks that will be suitable for any school or corporate event or seminar:
  • The Secret Code (The training is based on The Secret Code: Is It For Real? book written by our Founder, Anm. There will be a series of Game of Life quests to challenge, have fun and level up in real life).
All of these trainings and talks can be varied in duration and in focus depending on who the attendees will be.
Contact us regarding your event or seminar.

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