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Gamification Solutions
is the expert in providing solutions in the field of gamification for learning, empowerment and achieving goals for individuals, schools and companies.

We have a complete gamification framework to guide individuals to achieve their personal, studies or career goals faster and easier than they ever imagined. We train Trainers, Teachers, Tutors, Lecturers and Educators to adopt gamification into their training and teaching to make learning immersive, fun and exciting.

We also provide gamification customization and consultation to schools and companies to meet their organisational and corporate short-term objectives and long-term goals, increase students/staff performance and enhance customers’ satisfaction, loyalty and retaining them.

We believe in constant innovation in our platforms, products and courses. Through years of researching, we have developed our very own gamification solutions, platforms, framework and products. We are proud to share our creations. Till date, we have developed gamified mobile app, online gamified course, gamification leveling up system, and, collaborative learning card games.

Our mission is to empower people to level up their life. Our goal is to maximize enjoyment and engagement through capturing the interest of learners and inspiring them to continue learning.

our 4 specialities

Gami-Solutions for Achievers, Learners, Schools, Organizations, Companies

1. Create immersive teaching content and learning experience with Your Own Device (mobile) first strategy
2. Play as you learn has replaced the old way of play to learn or game-based learning model
3. Embrace values of collaborative and collective online and offline learning
4. Design pervasive user centric solutions. Putting user's objective ahead of game objective as our first priority

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Turning Goals into Games
"Many of my friends asked how did I achieve my childhood dream of becoming a bestselling author. I told them that I turn goals into games." [...]
Gamification > Creativity > Learning
Gamification is the use of game concept, mechanics and dynamics to drive game-like engagements and actions to non-game applications. It is more than just playing games. [...]


Zulqarnain Zulkiflee on Singapore Berita Minggu Newspaper
Zulqarnain Zulkiflee, Mind Doodling Expert and Trainer, is being interviewed by Berita Minggu Journalist and appears on Newspaper, [...]

Anm Pek Receives Best-Seller Quilly Award in Hollywood, California
Anm Pek receives her Best-seller Quilly Award by National Academy of Bestselling Authors [...]

Anm Pek Hits Amazon Best-Seller Lists with Success Today
Anm Pek, Gamification Expert and Chief Trainer, hits two best-seller lists with her new book, [...]

The Secret Code: Is It For Real? Book Launch
Anm Pek, the Author, and, Zulqarnain Zulkiflee, the Doodling Artist, together with distinguished guests Adam Khoo, Elim Chew and Leroy Frank Ratnam [...]



The Secret Code: Is It For Real?

Finally, a book on gamification for life and learning! There is a secret code for having everything you've ever wanted - a code that only a selected few know about and use.

Believing in this secret code will lead you to many other secret codes. The first secret code is that you HAVE an enormous and amazing power within youself that can bring about miraculous outcomes. The second secret code is that you have an unlimited supply of mighty resources! Yes, you ALREADY HAVE the resources to achieve your goals and win the Game of Life. The third secret code is that you can easily access and effortlessly tap into these powers and resources, and have fun during the process!

For the first time, 32 secret codes are unveiled to help you achieve more than you think you can and call out your best-kept hidden power. How you can use art and game insider secrets and principles that only artists, gamers and game designers know to unleash your greatest capabilities and unimagined potential in your real life!

Learn How Gaming + Art Make You Better. Level-Up your studies, career, and Life Like You Would in a Game!

  • It is time to level-up your life, not your digital game character's life.
  • Level-up your learning through powerful self-questioning nand metaphor association.
  • Discover why and how you can live your life like a work of art.
  • Lots of people jump into digital, virtual, and mobile gaming. Let's delve into The Reality Game!
  • Learn the epic Game of Life strategies that will give you surprising advantages in your life.
  • Discover how you can doodle like Leonardo Da Vinci.
  • Master Einstein's way of brainstorming.
  • Do you know that you can PLAY a mind map and have lots of ideas and FUN?
  • Find out the answer of Belief + Value + Attitude = ?
  • The secret to why you may not have achieved previous breakthroughs when setting goals.
  • How you can easily magnetize the right people to you.
  • Play to win and replay to master.

Excerpt from Foreword by Adam khoo and Elim Chew

"...Anm Pek is one of those unique individuals who has learned these secret codes to success and has presented these life-changing ideas in the form of an exciting game. Playing this game will bring you on an adventure of self-discovery and will help you unleash your creative and personal power in ways that you never thought possible. I love playing games myself and there is no better way to learn and master new ideas than through an experiential game experience. Games are a really a reflection of life and the way you play this game will be a reflection of how you play the game of your life.

The Secret Code: Is It For Real? is solidly packed with clear, concise and useful game concepts, secret codes, strategies and quests for you to level up in your life. You will discover that achieving your success is no longer tough and daunting, but extremely fun and exciting as well. Enter the Quests, Level Up and Win the Game of Life!..."

Adam Khoo
Asia’s Top Success Coach
Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group Pte Ltd

"...I believe that success belongs to those who are willing, committed and HUNGRY to achieve the greater things in life and give back to our communities. Anm's book is focus on helping others to unlock their hidden potentials to achieve greater things and encouraging us on giving back to our communities – especially the importance about sharing the same mission to light up and enrich people's life. I am proud of Anm and her team, and to be a part of this journey to create an impact..."

Elim Chew
Founder, 77th Street

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The Secret Code: Is It for Real? paperback (FREE delivery in Singapore)

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Learn to Gamify

To Energize and Engage with Yourself, Your Students, or, Your Staff and Customers, and, how to apply it for competitive advantage
Game of Life Academy provides education on gamification for empowerment, learning and achievement. We design and develop our very own online gamification course for learners and achievers. We also have live short courses specially designed for educators and trainers, students and corporates.

We also provide customized trainings and talks that will be suitable for any school or corporate event or seminar:
  • The Secret Code (The training is based on 'The Secret Code: Is It For Real?' book written by our Founder, Anm. There will be a series of Game of Life quests to challenge, have fun and level up in real life).
  • Awaken Your Inner Hero™ (An empowering and enrichment game for real life - Transform to be a hero!).
  • Recollect™ your ideas (An idea generation and enrichment game for students and staff to have fun, creativity, interactive learning and problem solving).
  • Flashback™ your memories (A casual test-your-memory game for students and staff bonding).
All of these trainings and talks can be varied in duration and in focus depending on who the attendees will be.
Contact us regarding your event or seminar.



Recollect™ is a collaborative card game that accelerates learning by avant-garde idea generation and recording techniques, Mind Doodling™ and Game Mapping™ with a group of players. This card game focuses on enhancing student’s problem-solving, imagination, observation and communication abilities.

Other than playing it by itself. Recollect™ can be used as the tool to play the Reality Game designed by Storieszing - “Game of Life: The Awakening of Heroes”. In the Reality Game, Recollect™ cards are used to record secret codes that gamers obtained during their journey. They are used to derive strategies by mind doodling™ and game mapping™ to level up themselves to get ahead in the Game of Life and also to solve real-world problems.

  • Socratic Questioning is the core mechanics of Recollect™ gameplay. In addition, Recollect™ cards are catergorized into 5 Ws: Why, What, Where, Who, When, and, 1 H: How, to initiate one to ask question.
  • It is designed to fit any purposes and contexts that require group idea generation. Recollect™ develops one's creative problem-solving skill and sharpen all 5 senses to maximize learning ability.
  • Recollect™ incorporated two memory techniques - Story Room™ and Story Journey™. They are originated from Roman mnemonic technique - ‘Roman room’ - a variation on the ‘method of loci’ memory technique.
  • Recollect™ can be used for team bonding whereby students or staffs can team up to play and at the same time generate ideas together for a project.

Both Flashback™ and Recollect™ are designed to develop one's associative learning and thinking skill, and, practice “Whole-Brain” Thinking. They are created as physical card games to train patience, listening and motor skills, as well as, concentration and social interaction skill.

For Companies/Organisations: download infobrochure (for Companies/Organisations) of Flashback™ and Recollect™.

For Schools: download infobrochure (for Schools) of Flashback™ and Recollect™.

Recollect™ (1 Deck for 2 Players)
Online Purchase at USD16.40 (Original USD18.50)

contents: 95 game cards (1 doodled card; special cards: 4 recollect, 8 link, 8 fill, 8 senses, 6 opportunity/challenge; question cards: 10 why, 10 what, 10 how, 10 who, 10 where, 10 when), 2 guide to play cards, 2 a-card-space-guide cards, 1 game guide, 1 story room game mapping™, 1 story journey game mapping™

Recollect™ Deck (FREE delivery in Singapore)

Recollect™ Deck (+ USD7 to USD14 to deliver to any other countries)


Flashback™ is more than a memory card game that unleashes one's imagination, association and verbal communication skills. It promotes capturing of positive memories, experiences and stories that we have gained in our life journey, and share them to touch, inspire, motivate and educate others.

Flashback™ is a highly personalized and customized card game that can be played for different contexts and purposes.

  • In school - It can be played for revision purpose where topics taught in class can be recalled and reinforced. It can be used as a teaching materials for lecturers/teachers to engage students with games. It can be used as learning tool for students to learn together in fun ways. It can also be played for leisure purpose where each and every memorable moments of school days can be brought back when playing Flashback™ with classmates or/and lecturers/teachers.
  • In company - It can be used for company training materials. It can be used as learning tool for staffs to learn together in fun ways. It can be used in meeting, or, as reminder cards. It can also be used for crafting corporate stories. It can be played during break time to recall fun moments working together with colleagues.

Both Flashback™ and Recollect™ are designed to develop one's associative learning and thinking skill, and, practice “Whole-Brain” Thinking. They are created as physical card games to train patience, listening and motor skills, as well as, concentration and social interaction skill.

For Companies/Organisations: download infobrochure (for Companies/Organisations) of Flashback™ and Recollect™.

For Schools, download infobrochure (for Schools) of Flashback™ and Recollect™.

Flashback™ (1 Deck for 2 Players)
Online Purchase at USD8.40 (Original USD10.50)

contents: 76 game cards (10 human, 10 experience, 10 item, 10 place, 10 animal, 10 occurence, 4 flashback, 8 bounce, 4 blank out), 1 drawn card, 2 guide to play cards, 1 game rules, 1 game play examples

Flashabck™ Deck (FREE delivery in Singapore)

Flashback™ Deck (+ USD7 to USD14 to deliver to any other countries)

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